もりさん / MORISAN



Morisan is a textile manufacturer producing Nishijin-ori gold and silk fabrics, used in items such as seasonal decorative children’s dolls and accessories for traditional Japanese apparel. They have repurposed traditional textiles into beautiful, modern interior goods in the hope that Nishijin-ori gold and silk fabrics will be a more familiar part of contemporary lifestyles. In this project, they produced new home fabric collection using Mitsuwa's special metalic threads.

  • Size:
  • W700mm
  • もりさん / MORISAN
  • 〒602-8281 京都市上京区中立売通千本東入ル加賀屋町402
    402 Kagayacho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-8281
  • TEL : +81-(0)75-432-1205
  • MAIL : info@mori-san.com
  • WEB : mori-san.com

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