Tradition is not history.
Beyond traditions, for those who seek the inspiration of Kyoto.

The source of the word inspiration is “spirare” which in Latin means to breath; in other words, it is an indispensable act of living for humans. In the field of traditions, to repeat the same activity is not necessarily well received. The only way for traditions to be kept alive as a culture is to seek for new stimulation and to build on creativity every day without settling on one source of inspiration.

Through “Inspiration of Kyoto” Project, a meeting with 13 artisans working in the various fields of traditional craft, 3 Parisian designers sense the breath of Kyoto cultures in their workshops. Their fresh eyes observe various traditional skills, continuously seeking for new possibilities through the filter of western lifestyle. Here in Kyoto, surely, the source of inspirations exists beyond traditions.




Vision is how your clients view your brand in about 10 years from now. Through discussion with the artisans, we explore their way of thinking and compile their words into the vision. This becomes the basis of finding their target customers and product development.

Techniques & Materials

技術・素材の理解Techniques & Materials

古くから工芸技術が育まれた京都では、幅広い技法・素材を目にすることができます。 デザイナー達が13軒の工房を全て訪れ制作過程をじっくり観察。「この道具は何?この素材の原料は?この技術を応用してこれはできる?」など質問は尽きません。

In Kyoto, with its long history of craftsmanship, one can find a wide variety of skills and materials. Designers visit each of 13 workshops and observe the production process closely. “What’s this tool? Where does this material come from? Can you use the same technique to make something like this?” It was impossible to stop asking questions.



When one is expanding one’s business abroad, it is important to know one’s uniqueness, either a skillset, material or a combination of both. Artisan, designer and the producer come together to find the originality, translate it into a product, and communicate it to the right customers.



Marion Vidal

Mathilde Brégeon


Mathilde holds degrees in fashion and textile design. After 10 years of working and living in Paris, New York and Zürich for fashion houses and interior decor brands. She works for international clients on a wide range of bespoke projects from textile collection development, trend consulting, interior decoration to color and product design. Now based in Kyoto, working closely with japanese makers, Mathilde has been particularly interested in developing projects using ancestral techniques in order to promote and adapt them to the contemporary market through designing new exclusive items.

Website: https://studiokaeran.com/

Garnier et Linker

Garnier et Linker 

Guillaume Garnierと、Florent Linkerにより設立された、家具デザインのスタジオです。彼らのもの作りにおいては、伝統的な素材を現代的に活かすことや、匠の技を感じさせることが意識され、作品はドラマチックで独特な雰囲気を持ちます。

Guillaume Garnier and Florent Linker are two French creators based in Paris. Their work is about giving a contemporary design to rare materials and savoir-faire. As designers, they get their inspiration from decorative arts and sculpture, to create pure-shaped forms revealing their materiality. With their background in interior design, they offer objects that meet all demands of modern interiors, with bespoke options according to architects and decorators needs.

Website: http://www.garnieretlinker.com/